Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok after the hike from hell.....

We had a great day all in all...after the hike we went to the cutest little farmers market and got stuff..cherries and this cute little store had gnome dishes Someones in the Kitchen to expensive but Tom would have loved them....they had a election for the Dog Mayor of the month to help the town's animal rescue it is in Montclair there are so many nice little towns up after we did the farmers market we headed home so Heather and I could get ready to go see Beach Blanket Babylon now if you have never heard of this play here is the link it is the most amazing funny pee your pants show I think i have seen in quite a while.....we sat by a nice Aussie couple on a vacation to the bay but i think everyone up here is on vacation at the bay...oh dinner yummy and i did watch myself we ate at Tony's this was so delicious and the guy won and award on Food Network was on several TV show yummy and when he walked into the restaurant with his Eye candy girlfriend i had to laugh ......good Food......Then home to the dogcat and Chris.... I should be really sore tomorrow from the hike to hell it was really fun but do you know that time that you are doing something when you say why the hell am i here i did that 4,000 times while walking ....Ok it is a new day and were off to i think the horse races....God Bless

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