Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ok Poor Poor Pi-t-ful me.....

So I have this jack ass foot which made me be a big baby today on the way home from suit was tight so all day I talked to my stomach asking it how come it got so big it said this is the one suit of all your work suits that you took in and it was a bit tight but waaaaaaaaa......10 days well so back to poor little me....while i was feeling sorry for myself i went to the vitamin store i love the vitamin store i needed to get something just to help me with the sugar craving...don't get me wrong I'm doing good no sweets since the start...well i did have just a smitten of cheese cake on i still have the urge but don't act on it so just a little help they told me that it was my chromionish thingy vitamin that will i get home and decide to go up behind the barn because that is where the unfinished garden is...on the way up i grab my mulch veggies from the kitchen and up to the upper garden i go .... there are little green apricots on the branches....... buds for the plums and the mulch bravo it is golden mean while i got out of myself and just ended up being a happy little camper...the only thing i wish i still had was Linda next door.....i talk to myself allot now but keep my ipod earpuffs in so they think I'm here are some pictures tomorrow is another day and my baby heather is coming into town we are going to a wedding Sunday to get down get down and dance ...wooowhoooo.god bless and thanks for listening I'm still here and diet is weight in Sunday ......Oh and the cucumbers and pumpkins popped up.....


Orange Juice said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOO! My foot looked exactly like that a few weeks ago!!!! I can feel your pain seriously! I hope you heal fast. Elevate, ice, and take really strong pain meds LOL

Doris Sturm said...

Lani? What happened to your foot? It looks bad, does it hurt?

I'm glad your fruits and veggies are budding, so you'll have something good to look forward to.

I'm up early because I'm going to the hospital soon for my x-ray guided liver biopsy. Wish me luck!
(It better not hurt or I'll have a fit - I don't beliee in pain, especially not while being in the hospital - they have way too many good drugs there to keep you out of it, right? RIGHT!)
Doris :-)

Tangos Trash and Treasures said...

owwie your poor ankle!!
Your doing great hang in there!!

DiahRothman said...

Lani, it looks bad from here... Take care, dear!

andsewon said...

Ouch! Hope it is better soon!
Are you still in training for the Walk???


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