Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday great day for a good week....

This is a new week ...the kankle is now a smankle meaning it is smaller...I'm going to start walking Thursday the doctor says nope I say yuppers...... and I bought the Jillian shred DVD the Fab girls seem to be using it and it seems to be working they have shed quiet a few pounds good for them..damit the diet is going well ......As well as any diet goes at my age......started a pond with hubby this weekend got the rocks piled up and the shovel in the ground the idea on paper and this weekend I will get some help and get the pond done we have been planning this little project for two years got a cute little frog that will spit the water out and I think three tears to dribble down....speaking of dribbling today at work a guy came out of one of the rooms after a consultation and the doctor said that his consult was a success and he need not come back I looked up and said well that is great it was " SEX"success....he came really close to the counter smiling and the girls were hysterical....then when another patient came in I had a half a fireball candy in my mouth and started talking and the fireball came flying out of my mouth ....LOL...what a day the thing about both things is I could not stop laughing at myself....and either could everyone else....Life is good....God Bless

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Tangos Treasures said...

yippiee your ankle is smaller!!
Your too funny!


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