Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Waving Wednesday and

I went to work a few minutes late and on the way to work I was sitting at the stop light and I decided that I would sharpen my lip stick pencil and did so but the thing would not hold the sharp ish ness so I threw it back in the lipstick supply and just did not put liner on and had to be satisfied with just plain I get to the AM/PM for my daily coco and I go in ha ha laugh laugh a few minutes later one of the workers that I adore say's with her heavy spanish accent "Hey Mz. Lawnie jew hab sipstick up jour panz up in the butt..... Translated it says Hey jack ass you sat on the shavings from your lipstick and it rubbed up the back of your butt on the jeans,....GREAT so I say oh thank you my friend and zip out to the car where when getting back in I see the big giant streak of lipstick pencil that I spread with my tiny little to late to go home and change I skoot off to work and say Hey wait a minute I have some shorts in the car for the gym and a washer at work to wash the jeans ....So I get to work and it is a only Lani day and I put the jeans into the washer/dryer and put the shorts on imagine this...... me a sweat shirt......short gray shorts ......PURE WHITE 55 year old legs with yes imagin it Red and White valentine KNEE sock and blue clogs shoes......and this outfit is set off with my lovely peace and love I'm hidden behind the desk like and news man who had half a suit and only his underwear on but no one knows cause he is behind the desk.....So for an hour and a half which seems like 3 days I pray no one walks into the office and thank god no one did ....The pant got cleaned I changed and no one is the wizzzer except all of you .....I only wisd I had a bless


tango's trash & treasures said...

OMGosh that's too funny!!

Tom H said...

OH!!!!the image in my mind!!!!!

Sherry said...

I'm sure glad you didn't say that there was anything wrong with pure white 55-year old legs! I resemble that remark. Last time I had something smeared on the butt of my pants it was how do you suppose that looked?!


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