Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Thursday night

Tomorrow i will go to mommy's ....yippee...we are having a valentines day tick party me and her cronies if you don;'t know about my gang out in Hemet click on the labels or Tick stories and pictures for those who don't know it Tick is a card game that mommy and her cronies play every stinkin Friday night and when I go out there it is a super duper tick I have my outfit...a pair of Joe Boxer MC Hammer pants imagine till i get the pictures me in these black pant with red lips and the work HOT in bright letters reading HOT...then I have a stunning red t shirt with a Sweet saying on the front I must leave a bit to your imagination.....Then to top it off I have a great little head band and you all know even tom how I love my headbands this one is pink with sweet little hearst atop my precious little i have little treat cake things for my ladies and a fun night to be had by all...I just love going to mommy's...I will chime in this weekend or Sunday till then ...god bless....and please feel the love this weekend


tango's trash & treasures said...

Sounds fun!
Are you gonna wear your sexy knee high socks too?? tee hee

Anonymous said...

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