Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Treasures are all around us!

So got back to work this week and it was a kick butt week so buzzie and let me tell you I'm grateful ...the doctors were right on task the girls were on there toes and everything went so well. but oh my god my aching is the little treasure in all this my back hurt and i needed to figure out how the heck to make it stop well because i sit most of the day i stood and cut strips for my scrappy calender quilt standing up for an hour or so helped......ta da little treasure....any who got a busy weekend tomorrow i am going to attempt to go back to the gym...haha....after being so sick i swear I'm scared to do anything why i went to bed at 8pm every night this week except Tuesday meeting night gotta stay up late for my coffee and Tuesday night with the yoga ....10am meeting.....then clean the home....and tomorrow night we are going to take hubby to dinner he is 50 years young..god bless him...i married a younger one ya know they say that the men go first so in reality I will have him around probably my whole life.,,...lucky me yet another little treasure....then Sunday I'm going with my BFF Cindy to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and buy allot of crap I do not need and feel great about it...honestly it is just having fun with your friend that makes the day so great...again what do we have yup another little treasure...see there every where....Tomorrow night we are taking hubby to The Palm what a place to eat also i hope to do a little sewing tomorrow......well have a good night .......hey you guys follow the biggest looser god i love that show.....God Bless


tango's trash & treasures said...

Happy Birthday to your hubbie!!!

Hope you are feeling better!!

Kaye said...

be sure to show us what you buy at the flea market! sounds interesting

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