Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Im back damit lost a follower

But to be perfectly honest i don't think half the followers even follow anymore i think more of my myface friends read than bloggers..... I started this blog with the whole cancer thing to continue my adventure which turned into sharing my quilting but it seems that it has turned into a life and adventure blog this is twenty ten say it not two thousand and ten...but....twenty ten.....yippee....Now I am going to start the year with a few new things to do first we must get the flipper you know what the flipper is..well two years ago i lost three teeth count it kids three i had a flipper which is a retainer with three teeth without that i would have looked like welcome home to Alabama when i got my implant in my mouth people I did not have to wear my flipper anymore and since we bonded so much I wore it for two years we were close.....i mean every morning i would brush the little thing put it in my mouth and at night brush it again put it in its little cup and say goodnight we were close i tell I am going to have a funeral and bury it...i think that up in the upper acre where the fruit trees are will be nice. I must make a nice box velvet will be nice and I'm not sure if i will invite anyone maybe just a few loved and the dogs maybe the horse.....hey today is two years cancer free went for a mammo don't ya love a machine that makes your boobie feel like pannini sandwich with no stripes...but hey it is worth it...i had a woman today at the mammo place just sit and complain the whole time i wanted to grab her by the neck shake her silly and just drop her on her ass.....Life is Good you have insurance and your getting a mammo so shut up and enjoy the ride.....anywho enough about that nonsense...I just wanted to say I'm back and in full glory so Happy New Year to all and I wish everyone the best for this year.......I will be back soon.....God Bless I will tell you when the funeral is....LOL .....Life is good and I have missed you all.


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Don't sweat losing a follower - you'll gain two to replace him/her.

I've not even watched mine.

If I can't be faithful to blog, I can't imagine them being faithful to stick by me....but that's me, and not you.

Love ya Lanigirl.....

simple country living! said...

A..L..OOOO...HA! Lani! YES! Twenty ten is already in full swing!! You ARE still as hilarious as ever! Please don't ever stop with your wit & humor, you funny lady! KEEP LOVIN' LIFE & PUSHING US ALL (over the edge) TO DO THE SAME! LOL! Thanks for the humorous encouragement & inspiration!
~~be blessed~~

tango's trash & treasures said...

I hear ya!! I lost one too?!
Happy New Year to you!

call me crazy said...

Happy 2010! Great time to bury the flipper! ;-)

Kaye said...

Lani, you know I read all your blogs. I don't blog everyday, people just don't seem to be interested. I blog, insert pictures and get 2-3 replies. Once in a while I'll get a couple more.

Rhonda said...

Hi haven't lost your wacky's great to hear from you and to know that all is well in your world. Take care and stay happy!!! Love you, girlfriend!

andsewon said...

Don't whine over a follower..they come and keeps on turning!!;-)
Or one I like 'one dead monkey don't stop the show'...!!!
Happy you can bury flipper now!!
I was not a good candidate for implants so mine stays but we are close ya know...;-)
Sounds like you are back and feeling better too!!
So happy you have another good mammo behind ya!!!

Happy 2010 Hugs!!

Lupi said...

Happy 2010! Blessings from a faithful follower and friend :)

Anonymous said...

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