Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the vacation just keeps getting betta.....

so today we went to heathers salon CALM oh first did i tell you yesterday i went into the shower to wash up like what else do you do in the shower so i go to wash my hair and this girl has more products in her shower than carter has pills...now keep in mind i do not have my glasses on and i go to shampoo my hair and get the bottle of shampoo when i dispense it it has a red tone but i thought nothing of it so i shampoo and out of the shower and get my makeup on and go to blow out my hair...ms.independence comes in to give me more product and looks at me with that humm kind of stare and says mommy what shampoo did you use....i say the red one....oh my god that one deposits red into your hair...my hair was deep maroon red and so thus we run to the sinks the whole time she is saying it washes out after a few shampoos but why dont' you use dish washing liquid first then shampoo. while I'm doing the kitten is trying to help me picture below....so we get the hair almost to a pink yet peach shade and go off for the day...that was yesterday now fast forward to today we go to the shop so she can work her magic and do my hair.....I have before and after god bless her she is so kind but let me tell you the color looks so good i got back my brunette yet she left soft highlights in the front hey she worked on my hair from ....let me go get some pictures of the day...


andsewon said...

Oh look at you all pretty!!!
I need her to come work some magic on mine too!!!!!

Rhonda said...

Lani, you "wacky" girl...you need a keeper......LOL

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