Thursday, December 17, 2009

Im alive and crazzzzzyyyy buzzzzy

Well got the office party out of the way today it consumed me for the last month...but all went well ....thank god it is over ......i told you i had to burn 100 or so CD's then here is a good couple of stories .....So i burn these Cd's with Holiday music for the guests at the party to take home with a custom Hershey candy bar...good huh??/ so Dr.m asked me if he could listen to one i think that he thought good lord if it is her hillbilly music were in trouble but

being to kind to say so i let him know that it was classic music not to worry and gave him a CD to listen i come back from lunch he is in his office and he says hey that CD ...i say yeah????? expecting him to say it is FAB Lani...nope he says "Its Blank" I say to him right smart Alick.....he says no really Lani its blank..I turn white as a ghost knowing there are 100 or more on the shelf wrapped up tight....Holy what .........well one of the girls says lets go check it....we do indeed it is blank but it was one of the last four that I did not wrap so we tested the other two blanks and two what do we do...So we grab random Cd's out of the stack and play they are all OK...but who knows if there any that might have been blank....hope not......the picture is of left to right Ms. Personal Phone calls...Dr. B carlanito....Shannahan Dr. M .....JoJo ....Ash......and me memememe ......nice group....huh what a handsome my mommy had surgery on Monday so I'm going up to visit her this weekend..oh oh oh i got a new pal to visit as most of you know I volunteer friendly visits for hospice here ...remember my friend Bernice passed on Halloween. ...... 96 god bless her ..Well i have a new friend named Margo and she seem to be quite the lively one god bless her...I went to visit her and she lives in a cottage at her sons home...and I could not get in the gate no code...and so I left a note and she called my work to let me know she was there and there was a side gate i could have come in and on and on and on and on....LOL I am so excited to meet her because she seem right up my alley.....I'm so blessed i must say.....OK I'm exhausted from this party stuff and have a really busy day tomorrow to boot....I will catch up Sunday when i get home...I hope everyone is well and getting all there Holiday things done....Oh my and i sent my bloggers a card and got three or more email from them saying all they got was a envelope some just got the front of the envelope..LOLOLOLOL.......seems the envelopes were a bit how do we say CHEAP!!!!!!! they actually fell apart in the mail I'm going to scan the card and share with those who never got the pleasure of seeing them........God Bless and sorry i have been so silent.......


andsewon said...

Soo funny as I got mine in a plastic bag but was not going to say anything.. hahahha!!
Hope your Mom is doing good!!
Take care this busy week!!

Rhonda said...

Lani, you are truly a wacky woman!


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