Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who is dressing up tommorrow for work???????

Is anyone but me dressing up tomorrow for work for Halloween???? I can not reveal the outfit but it is going to be a gas! but for now I'm going to go gather a few of my quilts to show you.....This week has been pretty quiet....I ACTUALLY HAD TO TAKE THE DAY OF Wednesday AS TO NOT KILL OR HARM ANYONE AT THE OFFICE....HAVE YOU EVER JUST HAD IT...nothing IS WRONG BUT NOTHING IS RIGHT YOU ARE BEING PULLED AT ALL ENDS AND AND AND .AHHHHHHH never mind it is OK I need to be grateful I'm working some poor souls out here are in pretty bad situations...I will pray for them and get off my pitty pot....thanks guys....god bless...


Valerie said...

Great attitude. Prayer does change things. That is for sure. But I do understand.

Kaye said...

its a good thing to go on the pitty pot Lani as long as you don't stay long. I knew that you would dress up tomorrow. I will wear a Happy Halloween shirt & socks, thats about it for me. When you reach 70 you slow down a bit. We decorate outside a lot with 4 big blowups, grave yard skeleton on a bike etc. Will try to get pictures at nite. Have a great time and enjoy

Sherry said...

I've been too busy to do laundry so my candy corn socks (socks with candy corn designs knitted in) that have BOO! on the soles are still in the laundry. And I don't even have an orange shirt. No dress up today.

I've worked the public library all week. Wednesday before lunch I wanted to slap a woman. I asked her a question about the computer she was using. She said, "Yes." Then I told her to don't do it again. Then she said, "I mean no I didn't." Grown woman lying!!!

Doris Sturm said...

When I used to work and it was allowed to dress up for Halloween, I used to play along...something simple that didn't infringe on me getting the job done...I always enjoyed it, but now, of course, I'm not working outside the home anymore and probably will just crochet, watch scary movies and wait for the kiddies to come by so I can photograph them ;-)
Be sure and take a moment to stop by my blog to enter my Trick or Treat Giveaway...through tomorrow at midnight...happy Halloween ;-)


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