Saturday, September 5, 2009

Proud Mama.....Fire shots and other stuff...

All grown up ...........................

First and most important see this child she grew up and got this review it is Jennifer S the 3rd review on the page....on line from a client that goes to the salon she works at in Oakland proud mama I know she is good but to see others sing her praise is FAB BABY! Congrats my little baby girl...mama loves U

Next on the agenda the fires my god I can not believe that our Sunshine state is burnin hell right now...Let us take a moment for the two firefighters we lost and hope that all the rest will stay safe they work so hard to save this great land of ours are a few pictures i snapped yes while driving to moms last weekend and the sunset is so ....Ok really a buzzy day got mom in love coming over to help with the secret challenge I have going on....I'm so excited and you don't have to do anything but come along for the ride....God Bless......amd be safe this weekend

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