Saturday, September 5, 2009

LMAO.............the Moon Shot

Ok I had to come right back and post this picture because I went to Stichin by the Lake because I saw she had posted a picture of the moon she took with her new camera......I am laughing so hard look at mine and look at hers........ Oh my gosh and that one of mine was the millionths one I took in the dark surrouned my the tomato rats and moths and June bugs that should be gone it is September for gosh sakes,,,and my dogs on the patio not coming to help because in there little dog heads they are saying oh crap she is at it again......Picture me on the lawn in one of my sexy outfits.....with my digital camera my regular camera 87 degrees at 10 at night and this is what i end up with....I love my life ladies and tom .....Really go look at her blog and compare will need this giggle today it is going to be hot again......


Sherry said...

I can see how similar they are. Very nice.


Okay. I'm better now.

MY moon photos? Me? Well. Uh. Mine look like yours. ;o)

Sandy said...

I've tried to get some good moon shots too, never have succeeded. I think one needs a really good camera to do that, special light speeds/or shutter speeds or something like that.


Jeanne said...

And I thought I was the only person that took those 'great' pics of the moon. LOL You know the ones that look like time lapse photography? Of the freeway at night?
I've enjoyed my visit here and have laughed and giggled. I'll be back! :0)


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