Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Jobs................

Now remember i promised to make a list of jobs I have had thu out this long and blessed life of mine...well here goes...and god as my witness I had each and every one ...with some i will give a short most of you who know me think nothing of this list but others will have to get a perch for there chin when it goes

Lets start with my first job and go in no particular order:
Der Wiener Schnitzel flipping hamburgers left for better job
Insurance Company as a file clerk fired because my mini skirt was to short
Gas Station pumping gas and at the time it was unheard of to see a girl at a gas station but it probably had to do with when I was young I use to hang out at Tom Johnson 76 station and was just in love with the one mechanic there Jerry he had a really spiffy Carmen
Real Estate as a Relocation Advisor...May Company in the Small Appliance department where I was honored to meet and go on a date Eric Estrada with and he actually took me to see his movie Airplane and rather then take me to dinner he wanted me for dinner because he thought I would be so impressed with him that I would not be able to hold myself back...NOT take me home weirdo.....Ellies smelly Deli counter really did smell....Scoops Ice Creamery as a sandwich maker and ice cream scooper..... Sandwich delivery person for to go custom sandwich maker....Hostess at the International House of Pancakes where yes another biggie I sat with Chuck Berry and had french fries and coffee,...I worked the grave yard on Sunset truly was fun all my jobs where.....Waitress at Bobs Big Boy .......Bartender in North Hollywood name of the bar is fuzzy must have been good all I remember is I was a waitress and the next week I was a bartender I guess they thought put all that energy into good use....Electrician helper for the Main Street Electrical Parade for Disney...I would sit in the parade floats and cut and strip and check wires allll dayyyy longgg...Limousine driver for shady company I noted that most of my customers were really quiet and BIG tipper silence is golden.....Dispatcher for a tow truck company......Baker at a donut Shop graveyard and it was really great to me again it worked for me..I got to know all the police men and dated a few and as a result when I got a 502(DUI) as a youngin I got right out of jail ......kinda like a get out of jail free card for dating Trimmer seriously I use to climb the trees like the guys do and I had No fear now you could not get me on step ladder today with out me going woooooooo nelly....Receptionist at a OBGYN office in LA and the day the doctor asked me to come and stand in on a procedure I said ...hum not all done see yaaaaaaaaa........Rocketdyne as a Quality assurance for electrical work on the get this SHUTTLE then I took it down a notch cause I got married did not work,,,, but did make my own clothing line (T shirts) Custom Creations and sold them and had them in some shops...remember when it was all the rage to have rhinestones and stuff on t-shirts........babies born went to manicuring school that was my job for hummmmmm 8 years or so......I took this career path cause I could be home and raised the Princess and The Boy.......H&H.....When the kids were in junior high took the job of Marketing and Promotions Director at my favorite place in the world to date KHAY where I still go play......but any who cause of the divorce and the time it took for me to gather that prat of my life I had to let go of my career...when I picked it up a few years later I had to take what ever I could that took me to my Job Klinko's know as Kinko's this was low pay but what a great company to work for they taught me more in the four years I was there then all the jobs and schooling in the world......Or perhaps I was finally at a time in my life where I wanted to be somewhere and make a real go at it......Then at that job I did Custom Printing and that led to my Job of today because the good doctors wife did printing with me and of course feel in love with me.....what else and I had no clue cause I just treated her like all customers great and with the Lani touch......then they offered me a job...WOW such a big girl......and I took it and so now I'm with Ms. Personal phone calls, Peep ,Bambi and Lolita and the good doctors....Managing them around all day with joy and gratitude ......So what do ya think you tired and you thought that you had a few jobs.....RIGHT!!!!!!....LOL..thu all this I was register at a temp agency in case I had extra time...Well have a great Saturday I will be back tonight but for now I have to clean...Hey congrats to my friend Lola who is celebrating her 300th post...go figure ....Love you all .......god bless


Kaye said...

Lani, you are a Hoot. I am tired just reading all you have done. One thing for sure, no one can ever call you lazy!!!!!

Susan said...

Wow, I thought I had had a lot of jobs. At least I never had to fight off Ponch.


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