Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday ............... so busy

So my new thing today is this weekend I'm going to list all my jobs now the reason it is going to take so long is there are so many we must start back in 1970'z with the first which was you know i made a whopping 50cents an hour and now that is a rap singer but I think he goes by fiddy cntz......oh my it is the soul sister in me coming out...hey I had to go to Kaiser to have my last appointment since the surgery and drop of my clinical trial halter...Ta Da wee done .... we must be really grateful about that but My nurse "Deborah"taking about soul sister was so incredible cool and just made me feel like a queen and she has taken care of me prior to my surgery and when I go in we sit and giggle and this woman is really something else do you know she lives down in faraway land and actually sends her little girl all the way to Encino so she can get a good education at the right school ...she has twins and what a great mom she is ....Here is a picture ..............hang on I'm going to go get it

Ok so this is me and Nurse Deborah friend now tell me don't we look like sisters?????? I'm younger and I'm the pail one.....But on a serious note this woman I applaud her...Single mom sending her children half way across the city limits to get great educations and full time working to take care of all of it.....You go girl!!!!!!

Ok so back to the list I will start tomorrow listing the jobs and I'm exhausted and my eyeballs are rolling up in to my head....and god knows I need to be sharp as a tack for the u all and god bless.....oh my god I put my blog address on the back of my car...I will take a shot of it tomorrow and share ...sleep tight my friends ...

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