Sunday, July 26, 2009

So much to catch up on it has been a long week

I'm so bad I have not updated any of you on my adventures and there have been many...Let me say I had the BBQ did I make a slide show of that let me go look. great you cant watch my slide shows cause I screwed that up by organizing my pictures and that in turn makes it impossible to see,...Another project for me to do. So my mommy 80th birthday was a big success. All mommy's friends were there and we had a great brunch at the golf resort in town. Here is a picture of the three of us. So everyone had champagne except me of course and it was just heart warming to see how many people so love my mommy. I hope when I'm that old I have as many loved ones..and Tom.....So in the mean time when we are there the boys .....hubby decided in the middle of the shindig to fix a drawer that had broken they go out to get some tools and Gary the assistant goes to help. Now mind you the kitchen only fits one and a half people under 5 feet and weigh ing no more that 100 pounds. well after about 45 minutes i went to check on the construction crew and her hand Was shaking and the boys were getting this drawer in so good that if there was an earthquake the place would fall but the drawer would still be standing....Mean while in the party room each person had hooked up with another and were all just chatting away like a room full of birds ...I sat back and watched as everyone just talked and talked it was a wonderful day and everyone had such a great time. Happy 80th mommy!!!


Pat said...

I"m glad the b'day party went so well!!!

andsewon said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Mommy!!! Glad it all went off fine.
Wonderful pic of you three gals.
Fly those 2 drawer fixers out here on the next red eye out tonight.. got a drawer for them to fix!! Ha!


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