Friday, May 22, 2009

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh it happens

Ok my blog is BORING i know it is funny and we laugh allot and I make coffee nervous but look at Jodi's blog it is so gosh darn cute......What is her secret......Go look it has all these really cute girly colors and little link word stuff on the side...damn that girl.....So this weekend could you all help me to spruce up my blog ....oh and then did you see she has like 2,00000,0000 followers ok Jodi name them all.....LOL....Im so tired tonight I could drop right here but I'm on a mission to spruce this blog up but if it cost a dime forget it it will stay drab and boring but the fun will continue.....SO I know nothing is free but in this day and age I should be able to steal something off the world wide web....NO not that I would.......never ......... as long as I can make you guys giggle once a week my job is complete......I still am trying to work up a good summer giveaway I did not forget but did ya notice that the girls who became followers who did not win the last giveaway dropped off really quick after the winner was announced...Gotta love it! Well it is a long weekend and oh NEW SUBJECT I'm going to get my motorcycle license...I have been hemming and hawing about wanting a scooter and I think my hubby got fed up and when we were away for the romantic weekend of golf sewing and sleep...LOL he said go get a license then you can get a scooter....So don't you know that I went right down to the DMV and got the test book....I was sitting on the couch reading it the other night and he lovingly looked over and said my dear darling wife whom i adore with all my hear and soul what art thou reading and I tipped my oh so delicate little head and showed him...he nearly dropped off tho couch he probably never thougt I would get it ....LOL be careful what you wish for ladies........I may just pull up in front of your house With a BEEP BEEP and Va room ....LOL


Pat said... I suspect we can soon see photos of you on a scooter???

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

You are just to damn hilarious. That other chick with 2 million followers has nothing on you babe. Check out they have cute backgrounds and such. And it's free and easy. Ya know, like those girls on the corner. "free and easy". oh well, never mind. haha

Tom H said...

Lani, You don't mean you are about to "cutiefy" your blog - do you? It's fine! It's funny, it's readable, it sometimes goes right up to the line...Scooter huh? Well I kinda thought you leaned more towards the Harley..Will a tattoo be next???Or has that already happened??

Terry said...

I'm still here reading Lani! You always bighten my day! :0)

Linda B said...

Lani my dear, your site and you are anything but boring!!! Another site for cute backgrounds is AquaPoppy. You can link to it from my blog. They've even got cowboy themes. Hmmm a vespa with Lani lassooing her hotties. Got it.

Simone de Klerk said...

Don't change you blog. I like it the way it is (O: And I always enjoy reading your lovely stories. As I said so many times, you have such a wonderful way in writing. Just like your last post. Enjoyed that one too again. So stay the way you are. You are loved the way you are, dear Lani!
Have a lovely Sunday full of laughter (O:

Sherry said...

Get the license, then demand a HOG! You can't keep up with me if you get a scooter!


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