Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fine Tom I hear ya!!!!!! Men!

So Tom our male leader blogger is telling me that the blog is fine as he puts it QUOTE "You don't mean you are about to "cutiefy" your blog - do you? It's fine! It's funny, it's readable, it sometimes goes right up to the line...LOL OK Tom Ladies sometimes it is good to have a mans opinion it brings us back down to the ground.....If i had a choice I would make my blog so cute it would puff your pillows go get you coffee and satisfy you in ways no other blog could........ Anywho talking about men last night we went to dinner with Linda and bobby....OK a little history....Linda and Bob as others know him but I name him Bobby it is just so much more fun than Bob anywho they use to live right next door. My bathroom window would look right down on there driveway and when we first met I use to talk out of the window random times and scare the crap out of Linda ...bobby was to quick for me.....but i did have it down to a science she would come out dust the mailbox YES I said dust the mail box that is another story the woman is immaculately clean so she would come out do her thing i would time it just right to where she would come around toward the window and Good Mornin'! The little jumps she did were so cute and she always said Jesus Lani you scared the crap out of me...and it never failed I always got her....this went on for ohhhhhh 8 years....anywho they bought a house up the street torn it down and built there dream home......and yes most of us will only dream to have this palace....... OK where was I oh so we went to dinner last night the usual talk about stuff order great beer just comfortable good ole' dinner so we eat ........get coffee get these KILLER desert and we are wrapping it up and some how the boys get on the topic of guns and hunting Linda and I are minding our own business trying to solve all the major problems of the town in one sitting and we look over and Hubby and Bobby are laughing so hard that Bob is actually crying......Linda and I just looked at them as if they were invisible and keep talking..... SO this morning on the way to get the airrater to do the lawn I ask hubby what was so gosh darn funny last night that you made Bobby laugh so hard he cried ( I could see the excitement in his eyes that he was going to get to tell this hysterical story one more time)soooooo he tells me the story of the hunting trip and he was getting ready to shoot the rifle and the ammo was to light so blah blah that would not get the kick back the gun kept going off and it was nothing he could BORING do but it was so funny they played with it all day and on and on and on ....the rifle and make him stop before I fall asleep .......and I am sorry I had to do the fake laugh oh honey that is so funny and turn my head and look toward the good lord and thank him one more day for this gift of a husband because life would not be the same with out him and this is the gods honest truth god bless his little ass I LOVE THIS MAN and how much meaning he put back into my life when he found me........ Ok now he is wanting me to go download some bluegrass for him........Have a blessed night......hey thanks for all the tips on blogsexifing my blog but I may stick with this set up but I do like Jodi's little pile of stuff you can click on seriously go look even you Tom......... God Bless

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Tom H said...

OK Lani, maybe a few cute additions. But don't change your writing and sense of humor.


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