Friday, January 23, 2009

Tick the game is on......

Tick what is it you should ask..A game of skill my friends and power ...this a a card game my mom and her cronies taught me a few years ago so when I go down to visit the ladies more of my close associates get together to play..First the players there is Bets this is my moms friend from long ago and quite a player who just got new eyes and looks 29 she got eye surgery on her upper lids and for 500 dollars we should all be so lucky yeah she goes to the doctor one day complaing about orange dots and wamo she is 29.... then there is Nancy I call her Captain Kirk because she is a UFO lover yes she even goes to conventions about Aliens and last year when her and Wicke the other card shark went to Laughlin for the convention...oh wait it gets better this year they are kidnapping my mom I think they just go to gamble and use the poor innocent aliens as an excuse.... So the card game was really good I decorated with a valentine theme everyone of the children got goodie bags...I will down load or upload the pictures when I get home ...They were all quite curious about the digital camera I had it was my cell phone don't tell....But all in all we laughed so hard in the goodie bag i had some small toys that you shake and hit and a toy grows and pops out nearly gave Betz a heart attack.....had to be there people do you know that i call you people because I cant say ladies because we have a male follower good ole Tom (a man)you must go to his web site let me see if I can get a link for his site it is so funny this guy quilts and carves and is so funny you must visit him.... it is late those ladies kept me up past my bedtime...i love you all and god bless....hey did I add anymore stuff to the giveaway...oh I think sooooo

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