Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have been Honestly Tagged....oh Rhonda


This would be the little wonder I got tagged by My friend Rhonda....grrrr..Here is the gist of it she has tagged me and What does this mean you ask....well this Honest Scrap means I Lanibird have to reveal in 10 facts about myself that I have not necessarily shared with anyone...So here goes

1. I wish I was a farmer really a real down to earth farmer get up at 4 eat hearty food ...ring the bell for supper you get it. And look like Dorothy
2. I have a tattoo on my hip that never got finished because I chickened out and it looks like a dead snail..
3. In my heart I wish all my siblings got along
4. I'm a sockaholic
5. I listen to Christmas music all year long
6.. I'm scared of the dark (I sleep with a nightlight and take it traveling with me)
7. I don't moisturize my skin ever or use sunscreen but I have it at home from 1982
8. In my mind I am famous .....sick huh
9. I ride horses but am scared to death
10. I love gossip but not to hurt anyone just for information only
Now 5 of my addictions:
1. Dark Chocolate
2. Gary
3. Spirituality
4. Family
5. Friends
Now I must tag 5 friends so lets go look be right back Janie....Bonnie....Simone...Nanabarb......Donna


i cant sew said...

very interesting. i have a tattoo on my hip as well, i screamed stop after he had only done the heel it looked a bit stranged so i suffered through another 45 minutes of pain to have a fully coloured HIPPO. she is so gorgeous i can make her mouth open and close!!
oh and i wish my brother would talk to me too. it has ben over a year now and i miss him.
%*_*% rosey

Debbe said...

Hey, I have a tatoo on my hip too of a beautiful phoenix. I love it..and the fact that I was 43 when I got it and totally knew better and planned for it for months...we should start a hip tatoo crafty chicks blog, lol
love debbe

Holee said...

No tatoo, but I'll do you one better..I not only listen to christmas music all year, but I have a 3 ft. tree in my bedroom all year to remind me first thing in the morning to love, be kind and do his work.

Rhonda said...

Lani, you crazy girl. Riding a horse that you are afraid of or being way off the ground.....I'm laughing because I can actually picture you with a death grip on the reins....LOL.....and the tatoo thingy.......I am crying here....hehehehehehe

Lady Hopwood said...

I adore your answers!

Angela said...

If I had a tatoo it would be just one single dot probably. The fear of my mom finding out would be more than any pain! LOLOL


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