Sunday, December 14, 2008

The yard for mommy

This is the back yard don't you love the stones

This is the new patio the other one was tipping over seriously

these are the dogs and in back of them I was trying to get shot of my new raised bed

Hey Ma here is the raised bed we built and the new back year...This post is for my mommy I keep telling her about my yard but forget to take her pictures so proof see it took us three years to save for the yard and in the mean time the yard was literally sinking but what are ya gonna do when there is no money or should i say when you husband only pays cash fort not get me wrong this is a good thing but this ole cowboy i married will wait till hell freezes over to do something with out cash...god love him he takes really good care of me although i have been nude for three days no clothes.......but I'm sure when i try to go to work on Monday naked he will surly get me a new suit....just kidding girls and guys
oh my the dogs needed to get in the picture

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