Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday always feel the blessings.....

Today was another great day .........burrrr the wind blew strong and cold .....I went with a couple of gal pals to the movies we saw the movie " The Women " it worked for us....then because the hubby was watching football I took myself back to the movies geeee I think I may have a movie thing going on...Didi you know I see a movie every weekend seriously I do with or without another person I really should start critiquing them for you you some time if you want to go see one.... Well here is a list of my most resent movie viewings
Changeling...excellent A+ great acting and true story
The Women - Good for women if you want a story of finding yourself
Burn after reading- Hum save it for DVD
The Express- Fabulous True Story great acting


everythingquilts said...

Thanks for the movie reviews. I love true stories so I'll keep my eye out for those 2. I also agree with your last post, she is way too pretty. You have lovely children. Oh, to be young again. Thank you for the comment on my blog, and I would love, love, love for you to join the pay it forward. There is nothing I would love more then to make you a gift. You have 6-12 months to make the gifts. If you decide for sure you want to play, just let me know and I add you to my receivers. I'm glad boot camp is getting a little easier, I think that means you are stronger and better shape then when you first started.

everythingquilts said...

Lani, first just click where it says links to this post and then you'll see where it says create a link. Then just click publish this post and it will automatically post on your blog. Then,just edit to add the rules, if you want to copy the text in my post instead of having to write it all out. You'll just have to change the names from Patti's to mine (Donna) in it before you post.


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