Friday, November 7, 2008

And with his halloween gang of houligins

Megan Heathers friends is that liquor??? Oh my gosh no no no youth gone bad oh to be young do you remember when???

Halloween hank euuuuuuuuuu that is what you get when your friend works special effects....

Oh my there is that girl/pal/friend/competitor/really she is way to pretty and what the heck is that my son cowboy'd up oh my god get real he gets a bloody nose going up on a horse because of the altitude and she is still way to pretty


Roberta said...

Cute guy with all the blood.

Roberta said...

I no longer have a Hancocks in my area. We had two, both closed. I like Hancocks so much better than JoAnn Fabrics. I am glad to hear there are still a few around. Lucky you to hit such good sales!

In stitches,


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