Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend at Mommy's

Went to mommies for the weekend and had a great time. Saw the worse movie ever, I went to see American Carol with my mom she got to pick the movie this time. Well it is about Michael Moore the idiot (in my humble opinion) so were a bout half way through the movie and I start to dozzzzzzzzzzzzz it is so bad, Then I pop up scared myself with the neck slipping back and the eyes going back in my head and I say oui better not let my mom see me falling asleep during her movie.I look over and she is in her 3rd REM......Had to laugh so loud and of course everyone thinks it is because of the for crap movie. All in all it was a good weekend we caught up and had a few laughs as usual but I missed my sister Judy going with....Sje is my carpool to moms buddy but she is busy with school right now ...... Well God Bless it is a buzzie week and the fires are taking over the town

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