Monday, October 20, 2008

I did it today Boot camp here i come

The picture is of my hubby and some friends

Yup done signed sealed and delivered. I am officially starting the big bootie boot camp Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 every night for 6 weeks..... Good Lord what have I done...i will be held accountable i will have o eat right i will have to exercise on a regular basis and all at a public park....OH MY GOSH is called EXTREME BOOT CAMP...I will download a before picture for you all to see.....How out there is that...well I'm quite excited for now...Saturday is orientation. So we have really cut back the hours of work for some of my girls at the office. It is so hard to do but necessary to jeep afloat. So who is reading this today and why. Interesting I thought I would get more feed back from this blog perhaps I am doing something wrong...YOU YOU there are you reading this let me know I have plenty of hits but hummmmm how does this blogging work ??? still new at it all...any insight would be help full people .

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Anonymous said...

Great job on designing/maintaining this site.
Congrats on Boot Camp.
I'm sure the "AFTER" photos will be awesome.
See you "on the hill".
(That would probably be in your driveway.)


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