Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yo Yo the cherring squad!!!!

After the comment I got from the big hair girls I need to say that with out all those women and men on the side lines cheering us on we would loose it. There were so many corners I came around and thought I could not go on but with there help and encouragement it was fab. I saw the Big Hair for Boobies this was 4 gals with big hair pink tye dyed shirts and smiles and cheers all through the weekend. These women took the time to spend the weekend with all of us and I need them to know how much it meant to me to have them there....... Ladies send me some pictures and I will gladly post them here on the is all about the them to me at ...
So today I took a look at my leg while I was out on the balcony at work eating and jezzz I have a gosh darn kankle my ankleis swollen. Now here is the funny part. I have two team members who barely trained and i was on them daily you better watch it you know it is a long walk blah blah blah...... so they did the walk with no training and are not even affected by it...a bit sore but for god sake I'm a wreck and trained seriously trained.....See ya just never know. and Im in pretty good shape for an oldish kinda I thought.

So here is my next thing. Im going to challenge myself thru out this year prior to the next walk and I want you to follow me and keep up on me. It will make me accountable for my actions yes?

For example October having nothing to do with the walk I rad an article in readers digest where a family lived on 100 dollars for a month...yep im doin it! SO let prepare for that .....Any suggestions on not spending money ...bring on the suggestions please...Well good night and god bless ya all

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Anonymous said...


Thank YOU for walking! It was our pleasure to be there cheering on our sisters (and brothers) as they walked for the cause. I'd be happy to send you some pictures. I'm forwarding your link to the other Big Hair ladies...they'll be tickled pink! :-)



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