Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So darn tired

Well went back to work today and what it took just to get thru the day was real strength. Feeties hurt........ Bags under the eyes ....... but all in all a great day. Went to my meeting tonight the topic tonight was freedom . Great topic and great shares ya know my life has been quite an interesting one. I have had so many adventures and really soon I will reveal more of my life. That is why I love having this blog it is about and for me and you. I am able to share more about my personal adventures than I could on the Avon. .....but tonight I'm tired so let us say good night and god bless.....

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the AWBC! I read about you in The VC Star, and I was one of those cheering the walkers along from the sidelines this year. Did you happen to see the "Big Hair for Boobs" ladies with the pink tie-dye shirts? That was my cheering squad! Best of luck to you, and great going on the walk and fundraising!


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