Monday, September 22, 2008

The training group

Yes here they are the training group and one of my teammates. Ok let me run them down to ya. starting from the upper left. The first is the teammate this is Tracy she works with me and stood by my side thru my cancer treatment she had gone thru a similar situation herself and well understood....but the skinny little twerp never trained a day I take that back she did walk a couple of 10 mile walks I only witnessed one so the rest is hummm true??? But the girl finished the walk skipping to my lu my darling...damn her....ok moving on is Sandy she became a training walk buddy and for a woman who never walked has three children at home good lord could she have a better body and what stamina she too finished the walk skipping with Michelle (not pictured)who was a trooper in pain like I. Next to her is Angela I call her moon walker this woman walks like she is Michael Jackson with that moon walk thing he does I don't even think she breaths it is nonhuman like . Unfortunately she had to leave before the walks started she lost her father in law Mr. Buckley in the 111 train crash the night before the walk. She was sorely missed and in our prayers all weekend. And we all walked with her in spirit... Next is Sherlene now here is a person you call heart of gold. you know those kind of people that are just nice no matter what. well she is one of them. Kindest women I have ever met and mid way thu the training what does she do move to England to be with her soon to be husband...Priority lady priority but she was back for the walk and I was honored to meet her family when she hit the finish line before me of course they all did even broken hip I have not gotten to her yet. Next to Sherlene is Becka now I did not get to know Becka well but a nice girl I thought she as a bit slower in the walking but low and behold she was staying with broken hip one day broken hip could not make it any further and Becka came up behind us and scared the crap out of me from that day forward my eyes were focused on that sneaky little walker another one who finished way before me. Ok and next to me is broken hip. this is Katy sweet Katy and what a sense of humor this women can make me laugh at any time and I do have to say that this is one gal I will not be letting out of my site for a while. Fun Happy and what a trooper she has some sort of hip problem that is where the broken hip thing came from and she the trooper finished the race the first time in four years she is an old timer with the walk year 4 (Show off) but she finished and I was proud and yes another one who finished before me. So this is the group of woman who met me every Saturday morning at 5am to walk the 10 mile walk. Troopers Oh where the heck is Mandy missing ..................................... Oh and Linda broken ankle is missing to ...If you read my blog you would know of Linda. She is my Pal trainer with no pay but she injured herself 8 weeks 3 days and 6 hours ago but who is counting. So I hope you enjoy the informatuion and had a great Monday god Bless and if my leg ever gets better I will start training for next year. Thank you Ladies for being there for my and helping get to the finish line could not have done it with out you all.

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Anonymous said...

Lani, thank you for arranging the training walks for us. Without your organizing and encouragement, I really don't think I would have finished the Walk. Thank you so very much. I wish you the best and good health forever.
Take care,


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