Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday is just a great day to goof off

Ok if you have read my blog at all you know I have a sister well three of them. One is up in Paso Robles Judy and is my we seem to think. Even though she is blonde great figure and I'm a brunette and always trying to get a great figure. Any who we were born one year and one day apart so really we are twins. So I took the time out of my very buzzzie schedule to go buy her a matching garden hat so we could as twins still feel close even though the miles have torn us apart....SO I as kind as I am send her a picture of me in my garden hat to her and she sent back to me what you see below. Now does this look like a grateful recipient????? No she look like a brat. Plus I get a the other picture of her being an artist with the hat on as if she is Minnie Pearl......Can some one give me an answer. this is what makes my life so fun is that I have people I love who I can laugh with my twin the baby in the hat............ God Bless you all and thank you for reading .....

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