Thursday, September 19, 2013

Holy Shit Howdy 3 days

 Yes this is the Bride in a Pre-Bridal Coma is she listening? Is she really awake? And the big question is she saying E-L-O-P-E ?

I am going to do a little picture review for you all!  Now this may not be in order but it is only a review !

                               String the twinkle light's in the tree's
Yes that is the Bride in the fricken tree!

Drape the house and Disco Dance floor 

                                      Hang the F+**## Balls on the dance floor
                                               Once you get the fish wire through

Pave the stairs with green shit to keep the guest's from getting there little shoes caught. Actually to keep the bride clean. Yes I am stabbing myself with my favorite fabric scissors  

                                     And let us not forget to

                          THANK YOU BAY - BAY JESUS 

Who are they all Happy to know they can use the house! They looked pretty good huh!

                                                              Make the Disco Balls 
 Ahhh Crafting don't I look Happy ! Remember that excitement on the Brides face!
                                                           Bridal Shower

This is how they do yard work

Drive to LA to get the material 

String the lights . Thank you Bob the Light Man 
                                                 Make the Mason Candle Jar's

Make the center piece vases 
                                                               Make the gift jam's

Catering Coma 
                                                                       Father of the Bride faints

Table figuring out. Then find out the catering does it for you.
Well we are rapidly gaining on the "Day" the "Wedding" is only 6 4  3 day's away and looking around I am asking myself --- ? What was I asking myself I can not remember  There are a few details that I am quite happy about and one is my new Bamboo fencing that I out up with the help of my Baby Brother Pace. That is yet another story.

Got some twinkle lights up yesterday not like the bride wanted and I really think we need to see them at night to know what the heck they look like. I have to go to the Hardware store and get a bunch of stuff for the yard. All in All I thought I would just post some of the in action pictures bad let you guess what is the thing that is happening. In the next few day's I have a lot more to do BUT today Ms. Independence is here ad I am going  grab her and hug hug hug her and say "Elope my Friend Elope" 

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