Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bluegrass Festival 2013

We are ready to hit the road for the Annual

53 Annual Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Contest 
and Folk Festival it has been going on since 1961 . Pa competed prior to falling madly in love with me!

Now since Ma moved in our time together is far and very few between. We made plans for this date and it turned out so nice

The tree are people lined with chairs and instruments. There was not a corner you would turn with out a boing or a twang going on!

Banjo - Fiddle - Mandolin - Guitar - Big Standing Bass - Spoon things- Bucket upside down with a string attached.

It was endless and So MUCH FUN !

Here we find a young lady who brought her own piece of wood to clog on. Really?

Amazing stuff and foot tapping. I drew up a bit of dust as I tried to copy her Pa pulled me away -fast
There was a pavilion dedicated to the second owner of the
Blue Ridge Pickin Parlor in Granada Hills, California. He was Frank Jevorsek. Not the first and not the last owner. This Parlor is still in business and thriving.
In the Western streets of Paramount Ranch, small clusters of hot pickers and fiddlers, and youngsters strumming alongside professionals and surrounded by many delighted spectators, can meet and swap songs, strums and licks.


Spinners making yarn

More Jammin

This vendor had my heart being a quilter !

Ok this guy is to cute!

Uni-brow Alert

The Jug ?

Ok so he had a partner but the song they sang was so Good!

Pa's banjo instructor is the man far left! Bill

Then on the way to the car I saw Jug Boy.

WOOT WOOT . I do say there are so many young people at this festival and kids galore

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