Monday, April 22, 2013

The Weather outside is frightening but

Sorry I just had that song in my head. I have been sick with some kind of bug-ish-cold like flu thing. I have been literally down in bed for a week with one day or shall I say night in the hospital.

But today Friday (Now it is Monday )  I feel like life is alive in some stinky way. I need  a shower and I need it now but not before I check in to the mail and Internet action.  Actually I did not give a shit if I did not post that is how sick I was.

Today which is now Sunday Monday I am actually in the closet of my craft room and using the computer in here. I have my speakers with my music set up it is awesome. I need to get speakers for the computer I gave the other ones to my Daddy.He said I did not I say I did this could go on until I get them returned to me by the Final Will! I will just buy more.

My poor house is begging me to clean it, I have to get my poor mom out of the house for a walk today. Hey move it or loose it - Now I truly see why they say that .

I need to take mommy out to Hemet to play a couple of Maj's games with her peeps's this weekend. I swear every night she asks the same question. It comes at about oh say 8:45 pm and it goes like this. "Honey , Where is my purse" the same answer every night. Mama it is right by your bed! - "Are you Sure? "

Last night she actually giggled when she asked like she knew the answer. LOL

Well I have to go catch up on my Cooking site , gardening site, Canning site and all things Internet I do it in the morning then I do not get back on till tomorrow morning. Oh oh oh plus I am staring a little canning group here at the house.

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Tangos Treasures said...

Glad your feeling better!!!


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