Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Latest on Mama

I am blessed even thought I look up to the sky and Ask WHY GOD WHY?

I could not get these two to stop laughing long enough for a picture.

Mama is with one of her five grandchildren. It is Savannah my Brothers daughter. She came down for a visit from Wyoming. We usually go shopping and make sure we spend my and her daddy's money . But alias this time no can do trip to short. But she shall return in the Fall for the wedding

Ahhh the babies down fro the Island of Oakland on their way to Mexico. They love to travel and I say do it while your young and can remember!
 So I decided to let her do a little gardening. I cleared off the table on the patio and set up pots, soil, and pansies. And she loved it.

The patio will look so pretty once they all start to bloom. We watched a movie and in the movie a patio was full of flowers and we both decided to try to put more color on mine. Because we all know I need more shit!

She likes the $5.00 Book store. And shit howdy she is fast with the Cadillac walker. It is the one we keep in the car it goes fast and has a seat!  

Right there is Mama and her good friend Peggy . They play Mahjong once a month . Yes I drive her down to the desert to see her buddies.  It is fun and I take Mimi with me.

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