Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 to 2013

Well what a year it has been. I hope your 2012 brought you everything you need or needed. I am looking forward to a fun and adventurous 2013. I have my camera ready and Mama in the shadows. I do not have any real resolutions. It seems in the past few years any bright idea's have been Smashed. God had other idea's for me as usual. With all my great thinking why oh why ! Poor Fuc*** Me!

So here are a few things I would "Like" to do this coming year. Get and cook more recipes from my vast collection of cook books.

Seriously this is only three cupboards full. I still have a closet slelf and book randomly placed through out the home! Problem?

 Spend as much time with Pa that man I love so much. It has been a stressful year. With his business and our new roommate and my disabilities god truly gave me an angle for a husband.

Get ready for the Wedding of the Century yup. Apron Strings and Red are looking at October for the BIG DAY.... Sweet times coming!

Hope that my little niece will be down. Oh she will be down we have to time it for the wedding or not. Love having her at the house. Good Times!

My babies loved love love them

But this year 2013 is different why we ask because the year ends in 13 my lucky number. Why is it so luck this poor number has been given a bad rap all these years. Well I love Friday the 13th because I was given a little bit of sunshine that Friday the 13th in 1985 . My babay Heather Anne! Ahh there she is with Christopher Robin her Man of men. 

 And then there is Mama my new roommate. I hope she has a good year and we do not murder one another. God Bless this woman she is my gift !

My last wish for the New Year is that both my Mama and my Daddy have a good year. This picture was taken at Thanksgiving they had not seen one another for 25 years. Don't they look Happy ?

She spent the whole day laughing and giggling with Dad's  wife ... Well not so new she has been married to him for 45 years.
Holy Shit she is a saint!

Happy New Year everyone!

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