Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I love my neighborhood-y

No ! No ! I do not take picture's !

 It is hard to find a neighborhood where you know your neighbors let alone like them. Where I live is an equestrian community in Ventura County - California. I am so blessed for my neighbors. Here are some pictures to go with my reasons
Sweet saddle thanks for letting me borrow it neighbor
 Well a couple of my neighbor's Jo ansd Lisa they were walking their horses behind my barn on the trail and we struck up a conversation. That conversation lead to me hearing through the grape(FB)vine Jo was looking to buy a saddle for her new horse Who is adorable. I have my saddle in the garage waiting for the day I again have time to ride. So being a good neighbor I told her to stop by on the way around the corner and try it. She could use it till she finds a permanent saddle for her horse. We all stood out front and talked and it struck me how luck I am to have so many good neighbor's.

Blu and Casey waiting ot meet their new neighbor's


We have a new neighbor next door who has three lovely dog's and my dog's are enjoying them so much.


Thank you baby Jesus and Sue fresh eggs
EGGS yes fresh right from the chicken down the street. Another neighbor sign of love! Sue has the chicken's I wanted she got them first but did not forget me. She came up today and gave me a dozen. I sent her home with a nice big jar of from scratch tomato sauce! Hey how nice to trade with your neighbors. Love this place.

Thank you to all my kind neighbor's !

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