Friday, June 29, 2012

Ok June 17th since the last post????????

So sorry I really have been just trying to catch up with myself. I have some issues going on but they are my issues. Resentments and shit . I really need to get over myself. But I have been updating my other blogs and check-in in on Faceplace . I made a new jelly a Grape strawberry jam. I have done a lot of stuff in the upper garden (Linda did you see it)

Alrighty also the garden is taking a lot of my time. Seems the god damn rabbits and fricken ground squirrel think I am planting for there entertainment and nutrition. Read more on my gardening blog. Hey the pellet gun is loaded and the scope is spot on.

I am now the official writer for the Simi at the Garden blog. That is fun. I am meeting a lot of new peeps and everyone seems personable for now....

I have a few projects I want to get started but I seem to have so many now that I am getting back into my right mind. Note I did not use normal

Alright let review thing to do-ish

Update all blogs
Get jams going
Get cooking going
Do God Can's
Get into the Master Gardner Program 
Look into becoming a Senior Super Model 
Learn how to read my new Nook not jut play kids video games (Thanks Hank)

Promote Canarella -  how you ask 

Sell Jams and Pickles
Do canning and pickling for others at a cost
Make craft's with the can/jars/lids in mind

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