Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get the boy's there is work to be done

Pa and Hank Moved a bed from one home to the other....

Ok so I called Pa and Apron Strings and told them to get their asses butt's down here there is work to be done....We have a bed that needs to go from Mama's to Casey's because she just can not sit on a couch any more to much pain needs a solid surface....So my mama has the day bed yes the one I sleep on and it has to go down there...They live 6 doors down from one another...that of which makes my job mucho bueno.......So they get the bed done and need I say I am sleeping on a twin blow up bed....Really ! lol....on to the next project the palm trees.....

Wha da ya thunk?

So outside we go look at them you would think they were going to be cutting down a redwood that was 250 feet tall it is a fricken palm branch cut the god damn thing and move on to the next project....Look at Casey I am trying to take a family photo shot and she is looking at my Pa doing his work ??????

Ok Pa get to work

Casey Hello ? Hello ? Stop watching the worker for gosh sakes!!!
Ok now does anyone have any kinda sympathy for me as a photogetter...not a photographer....

All in all the chores got done. Lynsie made us a delicious Lasagna dinner and we all had a good laugh and the the patients have a new list going for the Boy' you ...I love my Men!
End of the day dinner done zzzzz

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