Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well went a pickin today

I picked this woman's brain on sauces from back in the day
So Underwood Farms had a pick your own tomatoes at 25 cents a pound so 45 pounds later......Ms. Independence came in from Oakland last night and the priority today at the crack of dawn was to go with Mommy to the Farm...Fun yepperzzz now here is the funny thing at the farm were two young men in charge of all us pickers...Now what young men cute as a button get up that early and are that nice...Seriously they were super nice gave me tips on my picture ....what tips you ask well as Randy was taking a picture of myself and the little girl and I was ready to leave and he said.....Don't you want a picture of how much they weigh...Brilliant young buck....Now he was not alone because the other young  hooligan nice as the day is long lugged my tomatoes into my car..........All in all a great morning...Thank you Underwood farms...but the most thanks goes to Randy and Louie....Sweet Boys.....hey hey wait a minute my daughter was with me DUHHHHH Always take a young hot girl with you when you are old as the hills......


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Stylish helper

See the weight

How cute could she look

The helpers Randy and Louie

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