Monday, August 15, 2011

Family gotta love um

Ahh California
Well as most of you know I had my niece here from this last week....What a pleasure and what a lovely girl......Why I even learned things I had no idea i had done...go figure .....Here is the story she is my brother Pace's daughter and I have not seen her in four years but really have spent no time with her at all. So this was a special time for me and I know that may sound selfish and well it is. Here is the story I love family and I think that regardless of how koo-koo la roo most of them are we only have one. And please I do not care how normal you say your family is there is a touch of the big D in all of them the big d being Dysfunction...that is what makes families so great ya just never know.....Where else can you go to the Holiday dinner and eat and laugh in one room and talks crap about one another but love each other non the less................


Good to have a baby back at home .....

Ok off that box and on to the little ones visit. So my baby Savanaha is now turning 19 in September and has grown to be quote a lovely young lady although she does still show signs of teenage-izm it flares up about every 12 to 14 hours as expected. So it was nice she spent time with her cousin Apron Strings and I got to spend time with her to...the best is that she was able to spend time with her dad they are not the closest but time heals all it or visit did my heart good these are the  things that make my life complete family is family not a thing you can do to change them and who would want to the dynamic are thrilling and what make your family so today if you have not done it call one of your family members to tell them how special they are....god bless

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