Thursday, May 26, 2011

So the Watercolor Class you ask

The Fruit.....from Hell
Yup still going to my Senior Center for my water color class....and it is getting heated...First  think I'm doing quite well....Seriously how can you do wrong but I have found it hard to paint with one arm in the air for four hours ...that is because I am always asking questions ..
.The teacher is a little cute and very kind woman...

Ok so each week I place myself at my table very carefully because the things these women talk about is truly amazing....Gosh I love my life....I know I told you week one was the Royal Wedding and that the only reason that Prince Charles ever marrieds Diana is because his mom told him if he did not he would have ugly babies....LOL....Really?????????

Now they are so serious when they chat and each group has it's own dynamics's...and my new boyfriend yup do not be to jealous ...ready has a sweet gray ponytail....Jesus sandals.... wait for it..... wait for it with Socks..and really nice Bermuda shorts...Hot to trot...And his bifocals are not to thick.....and he has some nice brush's so big and long with very soft fibers...ok back to the class as you see I practiced on my fruit...The teacher must think I'm not good enough to move on she said " Lani "Dear" why do you not practice that fruit at home this week" Huh? I want to move on to the exciting Tree!!!!!!

My cute little Teacher
So while back at the table the ladies have started chatting the subject today ...... Last week I was absent but this week the subject is knee's and surgery and sleep...How do you talk about that for so long I think that is what threw my fruit off...So while they talk about the knee they start in with sleeping and how hard it was the other night...One lady says that she is up at 4 (I wanted to get her number so we can chat) and when she gets up it is dark and what is a woman to do? She use to have a hubby to complain to (What happened to him) so now when she gets up it is so quiet and she likes it that does this mean she lost him or murdered him? Now lady number three starts in with the other night how she woke up at about 1 am and had the hardest time sleeping and while talking mentioned the bottle of wine she had...Well Well an alkie in the just keep getting better and better...So you think all the sugar in the wine might just might have kept her up.....Lady number two was very busy painting her flowers which are Great seriously she is my water color hero....moving on

While I'm trying to get the stupid shadow on my fruit I ask How do you make gray? Well they were on me like flies to S***...... But the one person who really interests me is let's call her The Master...She swerves around like the lickity split and just rambles off about 450 different combo's my poor little head is just about  exploded when I think I hear three combo colors and it turns out fine but right after she helps me she cruises over to my Chatter Heads and says to one of my ladies "Oh more Flowers?" oh no you did not!!!!!!

The Master .....

Flower Lady
Lady two say' it is a set and her face she should be thankful it did not freeze that as The Master leaves the area Lady #2 says "Bitch" ..........LOL and this is the Senior's...God I love my Life.......I bet you can not wait for next weeks class.......I know I have pictures let me go look again no names as to protect the innocent That would be me......

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Doris Sturm said...

Your apples look like you're making apple dumplings - you know the kind they sell at Knott's Berry Farm? I love those...even in your paintings you cook! I think it came out really well!

I must be getting old because none of the Seniors look that old to me...gosh! I paint better without chatter around me because that would break my concentration - YES, I actually do have to concentrate when painting ;-) Why am I not surprised your arm is constantly up in the air?
Are you practicing your apples?


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