Friday, April 29, 2011

Sustainable Senior

Yup new part of the blog is Sustainable Senior,,,well because I am a proud senior citizen so here are some of the things I do daily weekly and here and there...First we all know that I have the Barrels for the earthquake....right? Well I made my earthquake prepared tupperware thing a ma look ...ok so I also refill my water bottle no longer buying bottled water, and besides they made the tops so tiny I have to hire someone to open the god damn thing...ok calm breath.......

I put soap on my sponge wet it and wash my dishes with out keeping the water running you keep the water running when you wash? brush your teeth? why seriously why? Ok I use old maps that we have from our travels to wrap presents..yuppers...Hey it all goes in the trash and I think it sends a message I have had so many people tell me that that is such a good idea....yeah and a bow who needs it ...get over yourself if you think it is cute it is a big fat waste of land fill you want to make oh never mind I'm getting my depends in a bunch....LOL...have a good day.....

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