Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Picture this Photo Contest January 2011

Oh my gosh found the coolest gardening blog "Gardening Gone Wild"website and learned something new at the same time......I learned how to take pictures in a jar....New concept and I will let you go to there website to learn how but here is the picture I chose to enter and scroll down to see the rest...I had fun with stuff ....jars all in and out of the home...and the things to put in I kept it garden theme and really had fun I may even do more tomorrow just for the fun of it.....Enjoy this and go to the web site it is really nice and lot of info.......Hey thank you to my face book pals who helped me decide which picture to use....Im putting all the pictures up at my Gardening Blog go here to see them all


Aerie-el said...

Very nice! Makes me want to have a fresh-squeezed lemonade.
Looks like there are a lot of us first-time entries into the contest. Good luck to you too!

Darla said...

Very inviting photo...I had fun playing with this technique too. Good Luck!

The Whimsical Gardener said...

This is so summery and refreshing in the middle of winter! Best of luck to you!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

I meant to stop by before now and say how cool I think this shot is. It looks so refreshing...I want to take a big cold drink;-)


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