Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Maz Chicken & Stuff Soup

Just Maz Chicken & Stuff Soup

2 tbs olive oil
1 large onion chopped
1 red/yellow bell pepper chopped (half of each)
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon chili power
1 box organic chicken broth
can organic/fresh tomatoes
2 whole boneless chicken breasts chopped into squares
2 ears of corn fresh is best
1 cup cooked/canned cannellini beans
Pasta what ever kind you like you only need a hand full
Salt to taste

Cheese for the top when you serve it

Heat the oil in your soup pot and add the onions , peppers and the garlic to this and sauté

**** Garlic tip I learned this on Food TV they put kosher salt on the garlic cloves before they smashes it to bring out the flavor I do say it works. Ok peel the garlic and put it on the cutting board then sprinkle some kosher salt. NOT TABLE SALT …. Now take the flat side of your knife and smash down now pick up the garlic and pop it in the soup…….I rarely chop because I love the flavor of the garlic….at the end I fish the garlic out prior to serving…if I remember….;-)

***** Did you cook your pasta oui this can be done while you re cooking the other stuff.

Now I can say that you can cook the pasta half way because it will cook more in the soup.

Add you chicken and spices to the pot more sauté
Now add your tomatoes
Add the corn is next

*** look at the nice trick for cutting fresh corn and keeping it in one spot. I use to have such a time with that I only wish I could remember where I got the tip it is not original….Thank you who ever you are!

Alright now add the chicken stock and mix everything up
Now the beans and the pasta

When you serve the soup top each bowl off with cheese I use shredded by hand mozzarella

Yummy enjoy your soup you know you can use canned or frozen on the veggies but fresh is so much better
Oh brother I could go on and on…

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