Thursday, December 2, 2010

My inner Jew ......

The little Jew Ms. Independence grabs the bagels
and were off and running after all the second day of Hanukkah...dradel drael dradel....yes I have two little Jews I raised myself ok their father helped...oui vey...but mostly my x-in laws (My Jews) were always there for everything while Apron Strings and Ms. Independence were growing up and they are worth celebrating the day with...sweet...Ok lets talk Jassem a great group of people that I spent 18 years of my life with....Today I went to Susan's home to do a bagel wake up call. I have posted the pictures of the group bagel-ing up as well as a group shot random shots and yes the x hubby with the Little Jews.... Apron Strings and Ms. Independence....Oh those Chosen People ....
This last picture is of the daddy (that would be x-hubby)-----and mommy and Little Jews

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Rhonda said...

Hi Lani, just wanted to touch base with the WestCoast Wackies. Hope you girls are well and all the shopping's done for Christmas. The Wackies are all well and getting in some sewing now and again. We're planning another retreat in late January 2011. Hope to hear from you all.
Take care.


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