Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The seminar

Well business took me down to the beach for a fabulous seminar. but don't you know the two days I am in Santa Monica it is raining I really felt bad for the people who came from across the good ole US of A to get this kind of weather. now this seminar was put on by the IDIA that is the a not for profit organization that helps us get the word out to the public about the benefits of dental implants and keep the jack ass out of your mouth and I am going to go a bit on my soap box for this one because if any of you have a Clear Choice dental office in your area hold on to your teeth because will take them all of them NO JOKE. And I will not get to detail about it because i do not want to get a letter from here lawyers saying stop telling everyone the truth ole' lady... you ll know I work for Oral Surgeons and damn good ones so with the economy i am trying to get new approaches to get people to not forget the care of their teeth and know there are options when it comes to pulling them you should know all the information about your dental option prior to getting any tooth pulled and what to do to replace it as a matter of fact let me not take up our precious word just go to if you are going to need or have dentures and want options do not people do not go to Clear Choice and if you need me to explain that in detail email me you know the address...if i say much more the Clear Choice Mafia will get me here are just a couple of the pictures i took but I'm going to make a slide show of the whole trip.....God Bless

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Doris Sturm said...

Where are the pictures, Lani? I am a big teeth advocate and am planning on holding on to my teeth as long as I can. Over the years I have invested in a lot of money into my teeth, but I have not regretted it one bit. I love to crunch and eat raw veggies and I would miss doing that if I had to wear dentures. My dad is going to be 84 and asides from a few bridges, he's pretty much equipped with his teeth as well...and it's not because we were born that way - we had to have dental work early on (I had my first crown done at the age of 14 in Germany, but that sucker is still in there and working) YES, hang on tooth and nail to your teeth ;-)


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