Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ok so he baby

IM MOODY oh look how happy i get with coffee

Apron Strings needed a ride to school (work) because his bicycle (Truck ) broke so i being his mommy took him to work...He so generously offered to get me a decaf Starbucks and yuppers took we are on our way to his work and i went over a bump to fast and his coffee gotta bit drippy he looked for napkins and i told him i have some and had to open the glove and get him a napkin....and it really was a feminine napkin he threw it and i said now look young man beggars can not be choosers and it is new unused so there is nothing wrong with it and the thing will sop up he used it and now we can laugh at it...along with this story is the haircut story the other day i come home after a long day work and he is in the bathroom with his head over the sink...i say Apron what are ya answer Hank what the heck?? No answer then a little voice says shaving my head...What? yup i have been to the god dam Barber two times this week and he is closed so I'm shaving it off.....LOL...The apple does not fall far from the tree no patience....well i have a few more stories but let me go grab some pictures...God Bless you this holiday weekend and be safe do not drink and drive....just drink

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