Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ok on a lighter note

Look at my pumpkin i know a little ahead of Halloween but kick butt for my first and the little finch on the leaf of the sunflower they all come and eat the leaves they are so cute and then there is a little hummer in the bush and of course apron strings and his girlfriend pretty girl....nice stuff....LOOVVEEEEE


Sherry said...

Don't know where I've been...oh I'm just now catching up.

Congrats on the ribbons! You done good, girl!

The walnuts look delicious! I've got to try that...after I've lost my excess weight.

The pumpkin...When my 26 year old was a little boy we had a vine to sprout in the pasture. The horses munched around it, but never bothered the vine. Then these little green round things started growing on the vine. Now I dumped vegetable scraps over the pasture fence. The horses ate what they wanted. Win-win.

Every so often, one of us would look and decide what we thought the green balls were. First hubby decided they had to be cantaloupe. One day, I figured it out from the squatty shape and the direction of the 'stripes.' Pumpkin. We started passing out the little orange pumpkins to the nieces and nephews. In September. The kids would carve them. The pumpkins would rot. We'd get a call asking for another. The kids had a blast!

Tangos Treasures said...

Nice pictures!! Love the sunflower one!


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