Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok just a few

This is Rebeka at the vet..and look and heather and Stella they look lokei twins.....

more errands to run...First to Ace hardware to get screens fixed that the granddaughter clawed out to get to those darn squirrels...Heather was able to Jason at the local Ace hardware who yes agreed with mommy the screen can be fixed on site....ta with a few new hardware things were off to the next chore get the granddaughter off to the vet to get her pedicure and this was fun note the picture of her helping heather drive....stranger things have happened...So while in there we met a few nice dogs and then we are on our way home...drop off the kitty and off again this time stop atBerkley Bowl the best grocery store in the some awesome teas...bulk and pretzel balls for i have showered and packed and the next stop airport and home james.....God Bless

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