Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Even the cat is saying

turn the key to the left from the window above the door.....i have to get back in today into the
apartment...I have to drive heahter to work then come back to the pad till it is time for my hair appointment....hummmm. now i use to be quite a ballzie chick-a-roo not so much anymore ...why i could go into any biker bar and drink with the best till dawn and still be standing..drive to a different state and know no one but be right at home....just really never affected by stuff..but today to drive her to work on the island of Oakland then come back and spend the day here alone....a challenge let me explain...first i don't know my way around so i have to write down directions to and back for the drive also the door now this is my main issue it gets kind of stuck you know the kind of stuck that only the apartmentt dwellers know just the right leverage to get the door open so her is what i imagine...wait first she gives me a test run with the door ... last night after the movies Sex and the city 2 hummmm well it was a movie but the outfits weird either I'm getting old or fashion bus passed me up......so when we get home heather say mommy you try the door so you will feel better about opening it...ok put the key in and turn slightly to the left...the left..the left mom...that is left child...then she grabs the door and poof opens..i imagine myself sitting on the porch from 11 till 4 when i drive back or i could go sit by the lake across the street and talk to the geese and homeless people.....even the cat will be in the window say to the left...to the left grama...look at the cat's face saying will see if you get back in......Have a good day and God Bless


Doris Sturm said...

kitty looks as if she wants to be outside...I know mine always wants to be out there, but we are not allowed to keep our pets outside and besides, she'd bring home too many bugs and critters and maybe get in a fight with the strays and therefore she's confined to indoors.

What was done said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:


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