Monday, April 19, 2010

It has been a week but .....

Casey and Me and below is Mommy (left) Casey and Betty

live here is the story I get home my computer is dead my Internet access is zilch last week after the I say hummmm the router seem to have broken...OK i can take care of that i will go buy a new one so I call my local provider and say how much for a router 99.00 nope they are really ripping me off so............. off to the old reliable Best Buy I get the router for the computer get home set it up call the 800 number and oh crap i need router with a modem...OK I go back the next day after work and get a new router with the modem and get it set up call the 800 number and set it up everything is good except one thing no wireless access...OK no can do take it apart yet again go back to best buy and get a router with a modem and wireless access...set it up and by this time I'am 65 years old with 5 grandchildren but by the grace of god it works and now I'm officially back on ...OK on with the bitch session i have been so busy at work for the last year but there is a god i have now hired a new girl for the front Ms. Personal phone calls (Tracy) and i need i have a new employee starting tomorrow and she seems like a nice girl...will see......enough of this stuff ...on to the things i did this weekend first i helped my sister Casey at her booth at the Hemet farmers market Hemet let me explain it is a little cow town just west of Palm Springs my mommy moved there about 11 years ago because it was a little cooler than palm instead of it being 120 da greez it is 110....go figure....There is a really strong military presents here and i love the military there was an old man dressed in his blues (Marine) this weekend and he was in the war and talked about world war 2 and all that tickles my heart and i must have thanked so many men and one women for being of service boy ...but hey were all so grateful for the thank you even if it were for WWII or Iraq Casey sister #1 and I maned her booth and sold one doll but made a great number of connections ...I just eat up this kind of atmosphere because as you can tell I'm a people person and i love talking...hummm yea are some shots of my weekend and I will catch up with you all tomorrow I think I may be able to start doing a bit more exercise then the none I have been doing my Kankle is going down and I'm feelin' pretty darn good....I shure will miss saying I have a kankle ....Gad Bless


Tangos Treasures said...

Wahoo glad your back up & running!
Nice pictures of you & your Mom & sister!

Doris Sturm said...

Good to see you - I was wondering what happened to you - thought your diet drove you over the deep end ;-)

I'm famliar with Hemet, never lived there, but drove through lots of times when I lived in California. I still miss California and suspect always will.

When ever I see soldiers, I go over and shake their hands and say thanks for putting yourself in hamrm's way for me and thank their families too - they are heros!

Nice to hear your kankle is going down!

Doris :-)

Rhonda said...

Hi Lani...glad you're back on the net......these computer/routers/modems can really get to a girl.
Guess what?
Our Wacky bunch is about to go to retreat where Molly will be doing a feathered star tutorial...YEA! We are so excited.....will share experience next stay tuned.


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