Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ok seriously this waiting is killing me....

Yes that is me eating some potato chips deep fried on a stick thus why I am doing this....
Alright yes i joined yet another thing see the link to the right crap never mind the left it says Flab to Fab...well it is a bloggers challenge to loose weight they have chosen 6 to ten bloggers to take the challenge and for any one else to take the ride with them for 8 weeks ...well i joined i applied and i have yet to be picked so i picked myself...there you go it is now the Lani too flab to fab challenge..starting Monday i will share daily about my weight loss goals and how I'm getting there it will last 8 weeks and in the end i will win some great prizes i have yet to get for go to the site and see what I'm doing along with the people that really got picked ...oh oh oh and I'm going to utube some of my stuff i do so that to will be something much fun and we all know how shy I am an that i never like to look awkward...NOT.................. let the games begin in The official Lani Flab to Fab thingish challenge ....oh crap here are the before pictures i had to submit ....SEXY .....not......... but hello challenge and goodbye pillow on my stomach ever time i sit..which becomes a problem in restaurant....god bless....hey tell you friends to come and follow me and inspire me with comments like" Oh my god look how good she looks" or "That Lani what an inspiration" or even better." Poor thing must miss her yogurt with chocolate chips every night at 9" or wait it is coming oh good one..."That Lani how does she do it"

Jezz look at that face could I look any happier....LOL...hey legs are not half bad but please hold your shoulders back ok enough I could rip myself apart all day but hey I do not love myself any less.....because I'm a super duper almost Senior citizen.......LOL


Kaye said...

You are too funny!!!! Did you look at my blog to see the Easter decorations. Most were hand painted in the 70's and the 80's. They aged better than I did :LOL. Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you my Friend

Tangos Trash and Treasures said...

You go girl!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Deep fried potato chips! Wow I've never heard of that before!

Good luck with your challenge..I'm sure you will achieve it.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

You're flinging a cravin' on me, girl!

I joined WW and have lost 11 pounds, I'll get released from doc next week to start exercising for real - I'm excited!

Go, Lani, GO!!!!

love you!


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